Elmwood Golf Course is very proud of its environmental strategy which was put in place before construction of the course began. This involved minimal movement of soil during construction and the planting of over 9000 indigenous trees on the site. The ongoing maintenance of the turf involves minimal, if any, use of pesticides.  
The result has been a huge increase in wildlife and wildflowers thriving on the site. Any conservation areas within the rough and other areas largely out of play are part of this strategy.

Since the golf course was built we have received the following awards for our environmental awareness;


ISO 14001

Scottish Golf Course Wildlife Group Environmental Award

Committed to Green – A European Greenkeeping Environmental Award

Bio-diversity Award

Scottish Power Business award –Awarded to the whole College for its commitment to long term environmental awareness.


Further information on our Geo award can be found

      Elmwood Golf Course Aims & Objectives

  • To provide a challenging & enjoyable round for players of all abilities & to serve the local community.
  • To provide an attractive playing environment with a natural look & feel which is both sympathetic to the surrounding landscape & enhances the biodiversity.
  • To serve as an example of the mutual benefits golf & the environment hold for each other through sound & sustainable management.
  • To act as a iving example of best practice in the training of golf industry personnel & all aspects of golf course development.

Have you noticed any interesting flora or fauna around the course? If so please let us know about it either by talking to a member of staff or by e-mail


SRUC and the Environment


SRUC is committed to promoting sustainability in the land-based sector, helping to mitigate climate change and

minimising any adverse impact of our activities, directly and through our influence on others. A Global Aim of SRUC

is ‘To be a sustainable, well-resourced organisation with exemplary environmental credentials and real ownership

amongst students, staff and stakeholders.’

SRUC has demonstrated our determination to achieve a low carbon agenda by signing up to the Universities and

Colleges Climate Commitment for Scotland (UCCCfS) agreement. This coordinates the higher education (HE) and further

education (FE) sector’s response to the Scottish Government’s Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, which sets longtermcarbon

reduction targets of 42% and 80% by 2020 and 2050 respectively