Greenkeepers Update

Greenkeepers Update: Greens Renovation Work, week commencing 18th July.


The Elmwood Greenkeeping team will begin the annual greens renovation work on the week beginning 18th of July and its expected the work will take the best part of the week, hopefully less if the weather is favourable.


This July we plan to use hollow core tines to remove thatch from the greens and will back fill with fresh sand and Agrostis Tenuis grass seed. The removal of thatch will help improve surface firmness and the over-seeding will help increase the quantity of fine leafed turf grasses, improving the surface smoothness.


This essential work will cause some disruption to the playing surfaces until the new seed has germinated, but by carrying out the work at this time of year (a fairly quiet period) the greens will have the optimum conditions for recovery and will provide a more sustainable and enjoyable playing surface as the playing season moves on.


Once the renovation work has been completed the greenkeeping team will move onto tackling the long rough by cutting and collecting these areas in an effort to reduce the fertility of the soil. This will in turn cause the grass to grow back thinner in future seasons. The maintenance work planned for the long rough is part of a long term objective of the greenkeeping team to produce thinner roughs, richer in biodiversity.


Elmwood Golf very much appreciate your patience whilst this essential work is being carried out and we strive to provide you with high quality playing surfaces throughout the season.